SCP-582 Slenderman Chapter 1


★★★★★★ Game Description ★★★★★★
SCP-582 Slenderman Chapter 1 is the first part of the SCP-582 game series.
The game is first-person, based on the SCP foundation, and the famous creepypasta Slenderman. the game contains puzzles and secrets behind the SCP foundation and the Item SCP-582 Slenderman. with a new re-imagination of the SCP foundation.

★★★★★★ SCP-582 STORY★★★★★★
After the big hustle of the news about Slenderman, and the crimes that were committed under the responsibility of the SCP-582, the SCP foundation declare that this item need to get contained by the SCP foundation.
After some experiments, the foundation managed to create a new handgun that can knock Slenderman the Item SCP-582.
The SCP foundation managed to secure and contains the Item SCP-582.
The SCP foundation secured the Item SCP-582 in a new laboratory called the SCP-582 Lab, and give the responsibility to Doctor. Hamilton to start the experiment on the item SCP-582.

★★★★★★ SCP-582 Chapter 1 Gameplay ★★★★★★
The story begins after the disappearance of the ex-leader of the Experiment, Dr.Hamilton for unknown reasons.
You play as Dr.James who is the new leader of the experiment on Item SCP-582, and your mission is to complete the experiment without any chaos. but that is not an easy thing, the SCP-582 laboratory has some secrets and puzzles you need to solve to start the experiment on the Item Slenderman.

★★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★★

High fidelity graphics: the game contains some high graphics with great performance over 30fps+ on low-end mobile phones and more than 60+ fps on high-end phones.

A new experience at SCP Foundation: the game simulates the SCP foundation world with a new story and new imagination of the Slenderman and the SCP Foundation.

Smooth game controllers: the player controls more smoothly and is very responsive on any device type.

A smart AI and very responsive: the NPCs were designed in the game as realistic as possible, and very responsive to the player behaviors during the gameplay.

Puzzles and mysteries: the game contains a great number of puzzles and mysteries for the player to solve.

A responsive world to the player: the player's behaviors during the gameplay has an impact on the game world and the NPCs around it.

★★★★★★ If you want to Discover the SCP foundation and solve the mystery behind the horror persona Slenderman, play SCP-582 now and try to collect much information as you play.

It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
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